How To Make Your Own Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake

by Grace Vitara

When you are planning a baby shower girl, you can decorate in many ways. Diaper cake will be a creative center that will actually be used by the new parents. This is not a real cake, made from rolls of baby diapers are made to form a tiered cake. Baby toys or other gifts hidden pad layer cake to add a festive impression. You can buy a diaper cake from a store or online, yet make itself will be much cheaper and it only takes two to three hours.
Teeny Tiny Princess Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake
First, place the pie plate on a flat surface and put a cylindrical object into the hands of the heart. It can be cardboard tubes, bottles or baby lotion bottle of champagne. Rolls around five diapers and secure each with a rubber band. Then place the diaper around the center and stretch a rubber band around the coils diaper.

Princess Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake
Furthermore, roll about 11 diapers and secure them with a rubber band and forming a second layer of diapers around the first ring. Secure with a large rubber around the cake.
Pink Zebra Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake Design
Roll over and secure the diaper 20 each with a piece of thin ribbon not with a rubber band. These diapers will you use to create a third ring cake. Secure all layers using a piece of tape width. Create a second layer of cake in a way like the first level. Tie entire second layer of cake with a piece of tape width.

Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake With Baby Toys
Make the third layer using baby bottles if the object of your center is not high enough. Prepare this layer on a hard surface before placing in the top of the cake. Roll six diapers and tie them with a thin ribbon and arrange them around a baby bottle. Secure diapers around the bottle with a large piece of tape and put the final layer on top of the diaper cake. Push the bottle down the hole gets to keep safe on the spot.

Elephant Theme For Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake

Castle Girl Baby Shower Diapers Cake

Set the third layer of the diaper around the object if you do not need the extra height of the baby bottle. Roll six diapers and tie them with a thin ribbon, place them around the bottle and secure with a piece of tape width. You can cover it with a bow or a substantial interest. Place the stuffed animals, flowers, booties, pacifiers or other small objects on the cake for decoration.

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