Sports Themed For Boy Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

A fun and creative theme are you using for your baby shower party is sports theme. If you are going to host a baby shower, ask your parents if you want to highlight. If they are sports fans, of course they will just love this idea.

Sports Themed Baby Shower Decoration
Invitations can be cut into shapes like bats, helmets, ball or jersey. Use hot glue small pieces of fabric and buttons add personality to your invitation. Another is a cool idea to have an invitation like admission. You can ask all guests to wear a baseball cap, jersey or sweater team. Make sure that you have the necessary information print and telephone number for a contact that is easy to read on the invitation.

Sports Themed Baby Shower Cake Decoration Ideas

Baby shower decorations really depends on you. Are you going to use a particular team or just a general sports theme. Whatever theme you will use, insert balls, helmets, jerseys and other sports equipment to decorate the walls and tables. You can use a balloon to cover the wall behind the food counter. Cupcakes can also be made with a sports theme with royal icing that is displayed on four tiered glass tray.

Sports Themed Baby Shower Cake


Sports Themed Baby Shower Diapers Cake
Create a decorative that would be awesome all the guests to hang a clothesline and pinned adorable baby sports clothing, booties, bibs and hats off to him. Make a themed diaper cake of disposable diapers and some sports toys baby. Diaper cake centerpieces will be very useful and is also very pleasant to be made. You can associate a sports-themed helium balloons in a wreath on the coffee table.

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