What To Serve Baby Shower Foods

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower is a way to celebrate the arrival or birth of a baby. Family and friends welcome him as a new member of the family. Baby showers can be held by anybody, usually the prospective parents or relatives close friends. Usually baby showers are held one or two months before the baby is born. This party is not just intended to welcome the baby, but also help parents to give gifts for baby gear.

Baby Shower Foods IdeasPlanning a baby shower is a big task and requires a lot of planning. Especially for food, because each party can not do without food. Food is considered the best part or peak party. This is also true for the baby shower party. There are many types and choice of food that can serve baby shower. Some of these foods include bread or sandwiches, desserts (cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.), chips or fries, Pasta, Pies (pizzas, etc.), salads, drinks (punch, juice, wine, etc.).
Baby Shower Food Table And Dessert
The food you serve depends on the time the party will be held. Baby showers during the day or at night will usually full of “sit down”, while the afternoon just need to appetizers, salads, and finger foods. In addition, the amount of food you serve also depends on the number of guests you will invite.
Baby Shower Finger Foods Ideas
Provide several varieties of snacks in the tray. You can have one with an assortment of finger sandwiches and filling sliced ​​smoked turkey or chicken. While filling another tray with slices of fresh vegetables and served with a sauce that you can place in the center of the tray.
Match your diet according to your baby shower theme. You can consider to present scones and finger sandwiches if your baby shower themed tea party. If you have a rhyme-themed baby shower, cakes and pies that resemble the characters from famous nursery theme.

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Great common sense here. Wish I’d thugoht of that.

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