Frog Baby Shower Theme Ideas

by Grace Vitara

If you will go to baby shower themes that are usually associated with baby shower, but not necessarily typical, then you can go with Frog theme baby shower. There are many reasons why you are very happy with this theme. Yeah, of course they’re funny, you can have great ideas invitations, favors real useful and funny froggy, lots of fun activities for the frog-related activities and many others.

Frog Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Invitation. Send invitations cutout hanging from a string in fashion clothesline. Invite cut out to be shaped frogs and whatever you want. Make sure your party details in writing on the back. Another idea for invitations is to provide chocolate cake in whatever form you will do. Use icing cute frog on it to complete the picture. Do not forget to tie the record of the invitation that includes all the details of your party or anything else.

Frog Baby Shower Pondant Cake Design
Frog Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas
Games and Activities. Everyone loved Finding Frog Princess. You will need a lot of balloons for this game, in which several coined balloon frogs or frog prince image, while the other balloon shows another picture of a baby as a baby pictures, baby bottles etc. Team or participant who found the frog prince, wins the game.

Frog Baby Shower Invitation With Ultrasound Photos

Frog Baby Shower Diapers CakeFavor Ideas. If you are one of those who prefer to give something edible, you can try giving your guests chocolate cake and pastries with the color of mud. It should satisfy most of your guests because some people could hate chocolate. If you hate the sugar, you can give a sugar-free version and do not change color. It will be the perfect cake for a baby shower favors frogs.

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Kelly Hockenbury June 11, 2016 - 12:23 am

How much would the frog invitations cost

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