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Many host a baby shower has a delicious array of plans to please the palette of a second mother to-be and her guests. If you are planning to celebrate a baby shower to welcome the birth of a baby boy, try to consider creating a menu that reflects this goal. With some creativity and attention, you will get a craft for baby shower menu baby boy pleasant and tasting. Here are some ideas for baby shower menu for boys.

Blueberry Cake Food Ideas For Baby Shower Boy
Tinted Blueberry Tarts with Whipped Cream. Creating delicious dishes with baking blue creations. Previously, prepare mini blueberry tart for your guests. You can add a topping them with whipped cream white. Use topping masculine with blue food coloring. Place this dessert as the eyes and the stomach in addition to fun for the occasion.

Blueberry Cookie For Shower Boy

Pacifier Meringue Cookies. To make this menu you you will use to craft delicious meringue sweet, dot-shaped cake. Prepare meringue according to the recipe you have. Use blue food coloring to create a blue meringue. Use a piping bag to make a dot shapes on parchment lined baking sheet. Baked meringue your creations and lay them d your event on a tray or a blue napkin lined basket.

Finger Food Ideas For Baby Shower Boy
Diapers opener. Make a simple snack to reflect a baby boy. To prepare a snack menu, buy pre made crescent roll dough. Then, open the roll of crescent roll dough and make a triangle shape dough. Lay out the dough triangles to measure approximately 90 degrees facing down and place them hypotenuse of the triangle parallel. After that point made will appear pointing towards you, cut the end of the three points of the triangle. Then pull down the crescent moon and the outer side to the middle of the dough to make it look like a diaper. Baked creations you to complete. This will give a display like diapers even fluffier. Yummy 😀

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