Some Ideas For Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food

by Grace Vitara

A jungle theme will work perfectly for a baby shower. Especially if the infant to-be is a child who just break out as the “King of the Forest” Banners and signs. For baby girls, you can have fun with the theme of “Mama Little Monkey”, with food and decor to match. Baby shower food should consist of appetizers and finger foods should be is. The focus is not on edibles, but in infants and mothers to-be. Here are some ideas for baby shower food that would make great.

Fruit Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas
Banana and coconut. This food is a requirement for a baby shower menu forests. A coconut macaroons can you present to smart finger food. If you want something savory, you can present the coconut shrimp or coconut crusted strip Sham. For bananas, you can choose the bits of meat wrapped in banana, finger sandwiches are filled with banana or peanut butter and banana chips. In fact, you can also to offering frozen banana slices on a popsicle stick and dipped in chocolate if necessary. For the final touch, serve banana cake or white cake and decorated with eighth.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cake Decoration
More Tropical Fruit. Jungle themed baby shower will take advantage of a variety of tropical fruits available in the market today. Trees and grapes is the best option because they echo the forest foliage very effective. Thinking besides bananas such as merge multiple kiwi fruit, lime, lychee, carambola, guava, passion fruit, pineapple, mango and papaya into the menu. An easy choice is probably a tropical fruit salad. For a more elegant dish, fruit pieces on skewers decorative.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers
Animal Crackers and Cookies. For a simple menu option, you can serve animal crackers or cookies shaped like animals with or without decoration commercial. If you want more creative, use animal-shaped cookie cutter to shape and decorate the cake is rolled in accordance with the theme. You can also use a cookie cutter to cut another food, from slices of cheese and cold cuts for cucumber and melon slices or even for a sandwich.

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