How To Plan Rubber Duck Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

Rubber duck would make a great theme for any baby shower. Add a splash of pink or polka duck for a baby girl or tie a blue ribbon on a yellow duck for a baby boy. You can even use duck yellow or green to neutral. Here are some ideas suitable for your baby shower to come.

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitation Templates
Start going with a rubber duck. Buy a rubber duck in a variety of sizes and colors that are in line with the theme you are generous nature, whether it is for boy, girl or neutral. You can buy a rubber duck in the big box stores too, are like through wholesale suppliers and Wal-Mart, such as Oriental Trading. Additionally, you can find a rubber duck in a local party supply store.

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Use photos of ducks and laying them across the room, such as on a table or cut them out and hang on the ceiling. Close the ceiling with ribbons, there are many wonderful options that you can use to ceiling. An alternating or checkerboard pattern may be time consuming, but it will be enough to catch the eye. Use contrasting colors like white and pink, blue and white or even blue and pink. Green and yellow will also work well for a gender neutral. Even you can find a tape in which a party supply store featuring duck.

Blue And Yellow Rubber Duck Baby Shower Cakes

Cake almost always be one of the centerpieces for baby shower. There are many different options for duck-themed cake. A round cake with blue icing will look like a pond. Add a small rubber ducks on the surface of the cake and the corresponding letter. Another option is to purchase a tiered cake with traces of the different sizes of the duck to the side with the largest in the middle of the top. Many bakeries are offering to put an image on the cake. You can use photos from mother to-be or duck. Only the creativity and imagination that your limit.

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