How To Planning Baby Shower Cookie Cutters

by Grace Vitara

Do you need fresh ideas to have a unique baby shower? Cookie Cutter you can use as a starting point a creative, simple. For example a cookie cutter shaped baby duck that you can use to create invitations, favors and food. They also will tie your theme together.
The first step you should do is to choose a cookie cutter. You’ll find a variety of choices in stores, online or craft store. A funny idea such as insects, animals, or the idea of ​​classic baby shower umbrella. If your baby shower will be held near the holidays, you can use a form such as dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, traces of the baby, teddy bears, ladybugs, stars, butterflies or bees. Perhaps you too will go with a theme that fits like a pumpkin for a baby boy and heart, easter egg, spring chicken and shamrock for a baby girl.

Baby Shower Cookie Cutters BabyBottle
After you select the shape you want, you have to choose posterboard or cardstock to create the invitation. You can buy markers, or white and decorate with colored pens, or you can buy stocks like yellow card for a baby duck theme. Also buy enough envelopes in accordance with the size of cookie molds.

Then, what would you serve in a cookie cutter baby shower? Yeah, of course, cookies, but it is not for all. You can use a small sandwich cookiecutter to cut fancy. You can even use a cookie cutter as centerpieces to decorate the cake. Suppose you will bake sheet cake, frost and blue icing, then gently press the baby duck cookie cutter on the cake. Now, you have a cookie that is easy to follow pattern. Fill your cookie shapes pastry bag fitted in the end of the star at the end.
Carriage Cookie Cutters Baby Shower Baby

Cookie aka also perfect for party favors. This is a simple aid pleasant. Use blue ribbon, pink or yellow to tie cookie cuter on sugar cookie recipes for your guests. Do this alternately. Forget the cookie cutter and if it is too expensive and provide better print recipe cards.
And this is some way to throw a baby shower cookie cutter that will make your baby shower unique, delicious, memorable and fun. 😀

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