Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas : Design Your Own Perfume

by Grace Vitara

Today, many of us look at each celebrity design and market their own perfumes. Fragrances and cosmetics is one of the most profitable consumer products. Perfumes, fragrances and colognes have been popular now than ever before. Of course, designing your own perfume has become a trend, and this should not apply to the business world or the celebrity atmosphere.

Perfume Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas

You can design and decorate their own bottles of perfume and according to your taste. To get mini fragrances and make as favors at your baby shower. There are many fragrances company that provides all the necessary materials as well as their facilities for a fee. You can also decide create her own perfume, buy everything you need and complete the process in your own home. There are some basics you should know before creating her own perfume and use as baby shower favors.
Perfume has no component that is essential oil, water and alcohol. You can use etsiri oil which is a natural component derived from plants. There that is named as aroma oils can also use essential oils instead.

Perfume Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas

Fragrance oils and essential oils have pros and cons. Although fragrance oils have a much cheaper price and have a wide variety of choice of fragrance, essential oils will also bring health benefits because it is derived from plants. Are you going to use perfume or scented oil up to you and according to your preferences. An alcoholic perfume is quite difficult to find in most countries, so most people use 100 vodka for the alcohol component in perfumes.
Water component in perfumes can not just use tap water, it will need distilled water or spring water. The number of components may vary slightly depending on how strong you want fragrant But the estimated number of runs as follows: 15-35% perfume or essential oil, 70-85% proof alcohol and 5% water or distilled water.

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