How To Plan Your Baby Shower Brunch Menu

by Grace Vitara

When you have decided to hold a baby shower which includes lunch, this will make you to have a lot of possibilities for the decision. Baby shower menu can vary and depends on the time of year. If you are planning a baby shower in the spring, possibly, a simple egg dishes containing vegetables of the season and includes fresh fruit plate. You also can present a lot of fruit in season.

Baby Shower Brunch Menu Ideas

Baby shower brunch menu for the winter could present a cake cranberry or blueberry coffee served with warm fruit compote. However, if the baby shower is held close to Christmas you can present a menu together with the use of fresh cranberries to decorate the table with small wrethes. You can also use them in glass jars or with floating candles.

You can present the baby shower brunch menu includes apples or baked apple turnovers. There are many cesserole using ham and potatoes, sausage or bacon to compliment the use of apples. You can also offer apple cider or hot tea and coffee.

Baby Shower Brunch Menu Recipes
Summer baby shower menu might include having a light fare, especially if the summer is really warm. Try to think about serving a cup of frozen fruit along with a scone or muffin. An iced peach or raspberry tea and coffee.
Menu baby shower is an important part of the party and you must plan carefully. Calculate the time of year and decorate the table with a menu to match. You will have a baby shower menu that can be enjoyed by all the party guests, and of course the mother to-be will feel very happy.

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