Vintage Baby Shower Ideas To Perfect Party

by Grace Vitara

A vintage baby shower could include all regions. A baby carriage with white wall tires, baby vintage dresses, booties and hats, a collection of toys, crepe paper roses, tootsie rolls and smarties, all reminiscent of the past and not quite new. Are you going to hold a baby shower for a baby boy or a baby girl or even a surprise shower, there will be a memory to the tradition of infancy or childhood right you can translate into vintage baby shower.

Vintage Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Classic toys such as lead car, monkey stock, wood beams, carts radio flyers, pinwheels and hula hoop just a few of the classic toys that you can turn into baby shower decorations. Hanging some sock monkeys of lighting fixtures, high book shelves and railings. You could use a red wagon for a shower favors or gifts for mother to-be. A slinky can be very easy for you to make a wreath for long. You can use the tongs blue onesies pink if the sex of the baby is unknown. Use wood blocks to write “Welcome” or a personal message. At the end of the party, you can give all these vintage toys to the shower honoree will be used to decorate the baby’s room.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Templates

There is nothing like sugar in various forms to celebrate one of the sweetest event in your life. There are several options in a vintage candy that is not endless, so you have to choose one of the basic directions. A cupcake with frosting 2 inches tall with a cherry on top and decorative elements such as flower vases saturated colors and pompom large nets that hung above the table.

Gorgeous Vintage Baby Shower Cake

You can make hundreds of crepe paper roses and assemble them as a bouquet of flowers, instead of using blue and pink, you can go with a rose and aqua. Consider also to make sweets table with glass jars full of old dime store, these include jelly beans, candy necklaces, Swedish fish, bubble gum cigar and buttons colored sugar. Add cans of old 40s as inspiration tablecloth.

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