Great Recipes For Baby Shower Drinks : Blue Punch

by Grace Vitara

Blue punch will make the perfect drink on the table celebration. Blue punch you can serve at a baby shower to give the impression of a tropical local or a pirate party theme with toy boats and Buccaneers. In addition, this drink will be very suitable if you would have a party baby shower for baby boy, it would be perfect. A baby shower party a chance to be great fun with this blue punch, yeah, it is very simple to make.
Rubber Ducky On Blue Baby Shower Punch

I will give you recipes that you can make yourself at home for a perfect party. Before all of that, you have to prepare materials and equipment following:

1 package of blue berry unsweetened powdered drink mix
1 2-liter bottle of lemon-lime soda
1 bottle of white cranberry juice
Big punch

1 cup white sugar
Scoops of ice cream
8 scoops vanilla ice cream

Rubber Duck Punch For Baby Shower

The first step, stir mixed drinks cranberry juice and soda together in a bowl of punch. Then stir slowly while taking sugar. Sip mixed drinks and stop adding sugar when you’ve got a pretty sweet punch. This is according to your taste.

Non Alcoholic Blue Baby Shower Punch

Melting Blue Baby Shower Punch Ideas

Blue Baby Shower Punch For Boys

Add a few scoops of ice cream and let them float on the punch. Ice cream will melt at room temperature and this will give a frothy top layer to the punch. Finally, add the punch ladle into bowls and serve.
To enhance the look, you can add rubber ducks and let them float in the punch bowl. It will make about 20 servings by using 8 fl ounce cup. So, yummy and taste. Good luck 😀

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