Cowboy : Funny Themed Baby Shower Ideas

by Grace Vitara

The theme is important for events or special occasions. If you are planning to hold a baby shower for pregnant women, choose a theme that will truly be enjoyed by everyone. The theme that would reflect personality, favorites and likes to make the best idea for a baby shower. One theme that is fun for the baby shower is a Cowboy themed, many mothers will enjoy. If you are going to use this theme to the theme of the shower, do not worry, I will give you tips on how to plan.


Baby Cowboy Baby Shower Invitation Templates

When you are planning a cowboy theme means you have to decorate a party by having the state and the relaxed style. One good idea is to decorate the place with some rustic decor. Consider items such as baby blankets made of leather to your decor. These items will provide a shabby chic look perfect for cowboy-themed party decorations. Play music old country will also make perfect your theme. If you have a warehouse, this is the best place to have a party, so long as there is an element of life that will not spoil the show.

Western Cowboy Baby Shower Cake Design

Cowboy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

For food, you do not have to serve a full meal. But if you want to serve all the guests full and satisfied, you can present the steak and potatoes meal. Some other foods you can serve for a cowboy party is burgers, soups and roasts. You could also consider finger foods such as hot dogs and cookies. Do not forget the budget, time, place and number of guests when planning. Decide also whether you will cook it yourself or hire a caterer.

Cowboy Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Cowboy Baby Bottle Baby Shower Favors

For gifts, you do not have to encourage guests and limit their choice to have a traditional baby shower gifts, because your guests can keep up with the cowboy theme. So, put effort bits in the event a great gift to complete the party. Some gifts for cowboy themed like felt hat, cute baby shoes and baby goods other cowboys inspired. There are many other prizes that you can customize with cowboy themes, ranging from toys and baby clothes stuffed animals.

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