Delicious Recipe For Baby Shower Cookies






Yeah, make your own baby shower cookies will make a great party! You can make delicious baby shower cake using a rolled sugar cookies with your favorite recipes. To create a personalized cake, you will need a baby themed cake cutter and some decorations. I will give you tips to have the perfect baby shower cookies.

First, mix the sugar rolled your favorite cake recipe. Consider to make two or three of your prescription to a large number of guests who will be attending the baby shower party. Yes, as usual, held a sugar cookie on floured surface.
Pink Baby Shower Cookies For Girls
Using traditional cookie cutter shapes with several forms, such as circles and stars. To suggest a creative, use baby themed cookie cutters are popular as carriage, baby bottles, booties and vibrate. Press cookie cutters on dough to get the perfect shape. Check your family or friends to see if they have a baby themed prints that you can borrow. If not, you can get a baby themed cookie cutters in large stores or online kitchen stores.

Brown Baby Shower Cookies IdeasOnce you establish all the baby themed cake, bake them according to your recipe. Once you get the cookies are cool, begin to prepare for frost and decorate cookies with pastel colors. Begin by spooning the white frosting and add one drop of food colors in a separate bowl. Pastel blue, pink, yellow and green are some icing colors suitable for baby shower cookies can you get with one or two drops of food coloring.
Blue Baby Shower Cookies For Boys
Mix color frosting using a small spatula or knife. You can add more food coloring to get a darker color. If completed achieve frosting colors as you want, freeze cookies. And also can add pastel sprinkles for extra decoration. Place the cookies on a large tray and cover them with foil. Delicious cookies that ready to be served 😀

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