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Having a first baby will be fun and a perfect way to celebrate the occasion together with your lover to have a baby shower. Baby shower is a time in which the mother will be given all the things needed for her new baby, including clothes, baby blankets, toys etc. It is common for a new baby to organize a party. Do you want to make it absolutely perfect? You can hire a company to handle it for you.
Invitation. Send invitations as early as possible to give you a chance to prepare. Some people will be busy with their affairs and eventually became busy on the day of your party. Afternoon tea party is a good choice to invite mothers with children. It can also be a time of day that fits with most of the nap. You can get an invitation in online or make your own. Go to the store selling the paper to provide additional decoration perfect.

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The Food. Morning or afternoon tea will be the easiest idea. This means that the baby shower will only take a few hours. Coffee and tea presents the best that you have or buy some kind of ancient cup op store. Make some scones served with clotted cream and jam, serve several kinds of sandwiches and baked some chocolate chip cookies.


Plan A Game For Baby Shower PartyGame. Baby shower will be very pleasant with some activities. Some examples of games are fun for a baby shower is to have each guest conduct of a long roll of toilet paper and they thought it would be suitable for pregnant belly. Guests who have the closest length will be the winner. Give a gift for each guest who wins the game. It’s also a great way for them to take home. Give the best for baby shower 🙂

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