Easy Ways To Throw Safari Baby Shower Themes

by Grace Vitara

Safari and jungle party very trend in this year! Many mothers who choose to decorate a baby shower them with an animal theme. Using baby nursery as inspiration and planning a baby shower is simple and fun. Start by selecting a few invitations that match the theme.

Safari Jungle Animal Baby Shower Invitation

One of the advantages if you use a safari theme, you will get an easy decoration, especially if you choose children. Borrow a few stuffed animals and put on the table. Add some plants to give a real impression in the woods around the dining area. If you do not have stuffed animals, you can try to go to the local discount store and find cheap adorable animals.

Safari Baby Shower Decoration IdeasArrange baby shower buffet table by putting runners at the center of the table. This is an inexpensive way to dress up the table and help to support the theme of the party. Pick some colors like green and linen, both of these colors will reflect the nature and the forest. If you want a darker color color table linens, you can try the fabric with natural colors for your napkin. Simple dishes with white or cream would be a fantastic color.

Use a mixed bouquet of flowers for your table centerpieces to mimic the feel of the original in the woods. Fill bamboo tray with carrot and cucumber sandwich raisin tea or turkey and roast beef croissant decorated edible flowers. Use a wooden salad bowl filled with potato salad or fruit salad. Dip and wood chips on the plate will be very good for the display of vegetables and sauces. Sparkling lemonade and punch will be the best for jungle juice. You can place the stuffed animal in the forest around the buffet table.

Safari Baby Shower Cake Decoration Ideas

A fun activity, had a baby pictures email them to you. Make a large forest scenes from paper scraps and trimmings. Let the people take pictures with scenes photo corner stickers.

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