Cheap Food Ideas For a Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

Costs related to the baby shower can be expensive. Invitations, food, and games can spend a lot of cash. Do not worry, you can still have a baby shower fun without breaking the bank and change the traditional menu. Save money on your food baby shower so that you can spend more for decoration, gifts and baby. Here are some food choices that will save a lot of your money.

Baby Shower Cheap Foods Recipes
Pot Luck. Rather than a new mother working hard to cook their own baby shower, ask guests to bring a dish is the best idea. Include a note on the invitation and ask each guest to come to bring a dish or dessert party. However, if you do not like having guests make food for your baby shower, you can have recourse to a special guest who knows his way around the kitchen. Ask if they will prepare the food as a reward for your shower.

Chinese Meatballs For Baby Shower Cheap Foods
BBQ. It would be very suitable for the baby shower that took place in the summer or spring which could be celebrated with old-fashioned cookout. Not only will you save on food, but also a place that you can hold in your own backyard or local park. You can invite the baby’s father to cook for the ladies, so he can still be a part of the baby shower celebration. Serve also some traditional barbecue foods such as macaroni salad, hamburgers and grilled vegetables.
Fresh Fruit Decoration For Baby Shower Food Ideas

Vegetable Salad For Cheap Food Baby Shower

Afternoon Tea. If you can negotiate a time to throw a party, of course you will be able to save a lot of money for food. You can have a baby shower at breakfast lunch time or after lunch and before dinner. Between 1 pm and 3 pm usually used several people to eat snacks as breakfast and lunch and dinner have passed on the road. This means that you will only serve to snack than a full meal. Serve some items such as finger sandwiches, cocktail sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also make arrangements afternoon tea and has a unique tea blends for your guests to try such as wildflowers, green and chai.

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