How To Set Up Bug As Baby Shower Theme

by Grace Vitara

Yeah, they crawl. They wiggle. And they creep. Come to think of bugs and infants have much in common, although at some time a baby has the advantage on the cuteness factor. If you’re looking for a unique and comical themes for baby shower “Bug” will work for girls and boys even for the baby’s gender is not yet known.

Little Bug Baby Shower Invitation Templates

One of the ideas to create captivating theme, bug filled with the atmosphere will create a funny look for love children, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and even honeybees. Before proceeding, a note about Ladybugs: Ladybugs women and men, who might be problems for men, even though we never know. We only know that they are funny and colorful. Let’s see how creepy crawlers, ladybugs and other flying insects can crawl into the heart guests.

Pink Little Bug Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Invitation from the Internet will make it easier to find and make a personal invitation. Enter your keywords on a search engine to look for bugs that adorable invitation kit. You can also find a bug-themed invitations at a party store to get an adorable invitation to be filled by hand.

Florist Bug Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideas

Let the internet help your decor. You can enter keywords “Bug baby shower” to find the invitations, paper plates, diaper cakes and thank you cards mom to-be that can be used after the event. You may also want to get cute ladybug confetti to spread on the buffet table and reception desk. Centerpieces can be simple with a few small bugs in the above plastic flower petals. You can use the keyword “plastics Bug” To find them all on the internet. Baby shower will not be complete without balloons. Add some helium balloons in several colors to coordinate in your plate. Yeah, to look festive and fun.

LadyBug Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Bug Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas
Have a favor “Buggy” for baby shower favors are cute, you can find them easily. You can find them on the internet to find soap, supporting box magnet, lollipops, cookies and many others that you can personalize. Bug is a theme that is fun and fantastic!

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