Why To Make Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

by Grace Vitara

An interesting baby shower party will be fun to plan. Especially if you are going to have a lot of crowd. This is true for small children and a lot of people who attended the party in large numbers. Some very interesting game to play is to make a diaper cake. It will make everyone happy with their creativity, also left some baby items for mothers to-be which can be used after the baby is born.
Tricycle Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Decoration Ideas
Diaper cake is a unique gift items are wrapped and consists diapers and other items. All the goods are in a pack together so that they would resemble a cake. It is convenient to offer gift items and in a smaller package.

So, what would you need for a baby shower diaper cake? To get started, you definitely need a diaper baby with a large amount. This includes other items such as baby lotion, diaper pins, baby blankets, tape, booties and some other items that will be needed after the birth of a baby.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes For Girls

Next, you can start creating a pie shape, but you do not have to be rigid to create, creativity count. This diaper cake can be used as a game that is performed as a competition between groups or just as a fun game for baby shower activity.

Take diapers and roll brand in the form that you like. Then tie them with a rubber band and place it along the lotion bottle. You can add many layers of diapers and playing with some other baby items.

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