Elephant Themes Baby Shower Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Fat and soft texture elephant dollĀ  will make a sweet addition to a nursery or baby toy collection. Why do not you have a baby shower planned highlight this attribute? You can use multiple colors such as pink, blue, green or gray elephant. Having a party that focuses on a specific theme of a cartoon elephant and the elephant is decorated with a common theme.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitation IdeasFor decoration, you can display the Disney Dumbo as a main character. Message cake with Dumbo and baby toys rattles as centerpieces, place the toys around the border. Find some balloons Dumbo, plates, cups, napkins and other decorative items. Place toys dumbo fancy on the food table and hang Dumbo fly. Place the middle Dumbo sculptures of fruits and vegetables or around the dinner table.
Elephant Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Planning a circus elephant for mothers to-be also be a good idea for a baby shower. Message pastry sheet featuring circus and formed like an elephant. You can also put a small plastic circus elephant on top of the cake. For interior decoration, you can display images circus elephant framed and put around the room. Hanging red and white balloons to stimulate circus tent. Place the cake circus elephant on the food table and gift table. Placing a brown elephant in the circus popcorn bags as favors.
Elephant Themed Baby Shower Cake Decoration Ideas
Another idea is to throw a baby shower to show elephant with pink bows for baby girls. Message cake with pink bow that can be eaten around the border and have a picture elephant wearing a pink bow in the middle of the cake. You also can make a cupcake and decorated with pink bow edible and eaten small elephant on it. Presenting chocolate strawberries and other berries dipped in chocolate pink. Pairs of pink and white balloons and elephant-themed plates, napkins and cups

Do you have selected elephant theme that suits your baby shower? Whatever will you choose, make a baby shower party that will make mothers to-be be happy in the magnitude.

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