Unique Baby Shower Cake Ideas

by Grace Vitara

You will have a few things to consider when holding a baby shower party, and the cake is a major concern. The cake is a famous dessert party, because it is easy to adapt to all the party theme and can feed a lot of people. There are many ideas that you can choose for a baby shower cake, if you want a funny or cute.

Jungle Animal Baby Shower Cake Decoration

Pregnant Belly has a cute design and can make a lot of laughter from all your guests, plus it was big enough to feed the people. To invoke the base, you can use a 9 x 13 inch baking sheet. Provide 8-inch round layer and two layers of 5 inches. You can get a 5-inch round cake in specialty stores. Then, you can arrange a round cake for the stomach and the breast that is layered on top of the cake. Cut off the excess pastry from the various layers.

Pregnant belly cake Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Babies Quilt is a unique idea that you can try. Use The fondant cake decorator roll to make the surface smooth and sharp. For your case, make fondant with pastel colors such as blue, pink, green, yellow or lavender, eating baby blanket will look very good on top of the cake. You can also make a copy of a square pattern of your favorite baby blanket and print two copies, this will serve as a pattern and the other as a guide.

Teddy and Rubber duck Baby Shower Cake

Place the fondant over the cake and if you want, put a plastic toy teddy bear in blanket. Pastry sheet would work very well, you can also work with a round cake layered 😀

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