Inspirational Themes For Boy Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

Planning a baby shower will be very enjoyable when you know the sex of the baby. This will allow you to select a specific theme to plan everything. A baby boy will allow many themes, favors, color and great game idea. Baby shower for boys can be easily and adapted to the bath. If you are going to have the baby boy and planning a baby shower, you first need to choose a theme so that you can get the best imagination.
Boy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Forest theme. If you think of something similar to Tarzan, this is a matching theme. Bright colors, silly animals and a very lively atmosphere. You can decorate with having lots of stuffed animals and fake trees and a table covered with a cloth print patchouli. Serve plenty of fresh food and fruits with normal snacks, but all of them are named that makes it sound like a food forest. Games that can be played like a game involving animals suitable where guests must match the animal with the baby’s name.

Sports. You can also have a sports themed baby shower. It could be a sport or a combination of many sports. Using sports items for babies, such as softball and other toys as centerpieces. For favors, you can give a mini trophy and certificate as a gift for a sports store or tickets for football games or other sporting events. Serving cupcakes and cookies are decorated with baseball, football or basketball.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

You can also have a baby shower with a theme such as fishing or hunting outside. Fishing can be hung on the walls and items such as hats, socks, hats and baby clothes piece. Cover the table with materials and camouflage nets. Filling baby bottles with goldfish crackers and can be given to guests as favors.

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