How To Make Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations

by Grace Vitara

Minnie Mouse is a great theme for a baby shower, a baby girl. Colorful and sweet, this theme provides sufficient color scheme and some party game ideas. You can save money to plan a baby shower is important, and you can make your own invitations Minnie Mouse in a craft project that is fun and inexpensive. If you have the software itself and the print color, this is a good way to create a memorable Minnie Mouse invitations.

You can choose your Minnie Mouse artwork. You can buy Disney clip art collection or use of your personal image. In addition, you can also get the pictures online for download. Enough with the “Save As” and your image will be easy to look it up later.
Baby Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations With Photos
Write down all the details of your party, including the date, time and location of the party as well as the activity or game that you want other people to know. For example, if a pool party, you need to provide additional information so that sometimes they will bring a swimsuit and towel.
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations For Girls
Start Publishing desktop software open for greeting card templates and a half times. This card will allow you to have enough room for party information and great graphics. Choose landscape or portrait orientation.

Pink Polkadot Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitations
On page three will be an advanced text to your pages. Here you will enter all the information the party. Type the day, date, time and location and RSVP information. Do not forget to include all the details of the party like activity. Add small colorful graphics, such as polka dot hair bow or a small picture of Minnie. Print your invitations on blank card stock and make sure to flip and rotate the card stock to print the pages in the correct order.

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