(FREE Printable) – Spongebob Squarepants Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Everyone knows “who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” right? If you read those phrase in a tone like the one that the Patchy the Pirate Captain used to in the beginning of spongebob movie, you must be a of Spongebob Fan! The enduring popularity of the Spongebob Squarepants franchise has made it a very popular theme for parties, but could you throw a perfect party using these Spongebob concept? Of course! The SpongeBob theme has some of the wackiest kid party ideas, so let’s party with the funniest sea creature and his underwater pals.

When it comes to plan an outstanding SpongeBob birthday party for your baby, you’ll need a unique template design for your invitation card, and they must-have an underwater-themed party. What would SpongeBob say if your party was made without including the complete set of invitations and decorations? That’s right, and that is why we are here to help you out. These Spongebob Squarepants themed invitation card will relieve the pressure on your shoulder moms! Your invitation will get spongebob-ified! Spongebob, Patrick the Star, Mr. Crab, as well as the short-tempered Squidward will decorates your whole card with tons of cute stuffs. Are you ready to rock your party with Jellyfishing games and Spongebob-ified your whole food and decoration, you can also hang blue and green pennant banners on the ceiling to resemble the waves and the seaweed.


There are plenty of templates and you make it as your invitation card and it’s completely free. Make sure to search another Invitation card Templates by clicking our “Invitation” Tab on the upper section. Are you having a question about which types of paper is suitable for this occasion, you can go for card-stock paper, it has a variety of texture and color, choose which ones is matching with your ice cream parlor themed invitation card





Adding some rhyme words or quotes is also a good idea to go, and while a cute little rhymes or catchy phrases are important, don’t forget to include your details on the invitation cards. A baby shower invitation should consist these following items:

  • Opening
  • Baby’s or Mommy’s Name
  • Day & Date
  • Location (Where the party is going to be held)
  • Time
  • Dress-code & RSVP (If there is any)

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