(FREE Printable) – Ariel Mermaid Princess Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

There are few things you will need to do when planning a baby shower party, the first one is finding the right theme for you and the last one is drafting your invitation card. When it comes to a baby shower, special stationery is a must. You can browse on the internet regarding the design of your invitation card. If you’re looking for some cute theme and has a creative wording as well as oceanic colors and motifs. You can’t go wrong with mermaid tails and scales! Here, you’ll find some super-cute invites ideal for your sure-to-be legendary shower.

As you may see, at the top of the card will be decorated with beautiful pennant banners and balloons. The adorable Ariel The Mermaid Princess, and her best friends (Sebastian The Lobster and Gumpy The Flounder fish) both of them has fancy design and nice colors saturation, and a plenty of spaces for you to customize them to match your own preference. It comes with white background as its main layer so you put your personalized text and her picture in those available spaces below the “join us for a baby shower honoring” words.




Our template is compatible the most printer device on the market, to minimize your budget on planning baby shower for your little prince and princess, sure you can handle it at your home as use your own printer device. If you are having such a thought to make it looks as perfect as possible, you may consider to have a custom print job at the local printing shop.

To download these charming Ariel the Mermaid Princess template you only need to click on each one of your selected template, right click on them – choose “save image as”, and your template will saved automatically on your default download location.



Printing materials comes in various kinds of texture, finishes and colors, as in this case you have a specific print job in mind and you can use either Glossy or Card-stock paper as your soon-to-be invitation card. The Glossy, this paper has the ability to absorb ink so it can produce vibrant colors and sharp images, the other one is known to be strong and sturdy paper type, these one is most widely used for postcards, as well as wedding and birthday party invitation cards.

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