(FREE Printable) – Sonic The Hedgehog Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

It’s nothing better than celebrating your baby present with a baby shower party. Share your long 9-months journey with happiness through joyful shower party with your friends and family member. The planning process goes from choosing what kinds of theme/concept that you are going to nailed down, preparing the decoration, drafting your invitation card and sending out all the invitation to your acquaintance.

If you are looking for baby shower ideas that will be fun, memorable, and aren’t the same concept of shower party that you’ve visited, you have come at the right place. Feel free to use our invitation card design and convert them into your whole party concept. In this special moment, we are going to show you something special, here they are, the adorable Sonic the Hedgehog template design, and for sure this template design will relieve your burden when designing the invitations. It comes in JPG Format, so you can easily customize them using default windows app such as Microsoft Paint or third-party apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, if you want something that has more options.



This template design is perfect for  mommies that still had some fun and cravings cute and adorable stuffs in her mind all the time, and for someone who is looking for a unique shower idea as well as for someone that love Sonic the Hedgehog animated-movie series so much. This Sonic-inspired templates features a timeless Sonic the Hedgehog character to fill up the background layer with his iconic poses. Without sacrificing any details, we puts a nicely designed text-box in the center of the card, so you can put your baby’s name, photo and as well as your party details.




Free Printable Sonic The Hedgehog Baby Shower Invitation Templates


You can take a note on these following wording ideas,

  • Wordings:

Speed on over!

For A Super Sonic Birthday Party

To Celebrate

“Baby’s Name”

“7th” Birthday!

(Day), (Month) (Date)


 (Where the party is going to be held)

(Dress Code & RSVP: Optional)

It’s A Super Sonic Event!


“Baby’s Name”

Is Turning “…”

(Day), (Month) (Date)


 (Where the party is going to be held)

(Dress Code & RSVP: Optional)

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Kathy Marie Myers April 4, 2022 - 3:37 pm

Hi there, this is going to be great I’m so happy about this website.

Lucy May 24, 2022 - 8:08 pm

Thank you so much for this, just what I need…

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