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by Andrew

Every parents will do everything they possible do for their kids, especially it’s related to their kid or baby’s special day. This one was applied to almost every parent out there. Meanwhile, two hours ago, maybe, my childhood friend; Wendy, called me and told me along story of how desperate she is when knowing her little baby will be having a birthday party soon.

Fortunately, I have bunch of collection, right? Like printable party kits – so I could help her right at that moment. The underlined part of this story is, it doesn’t matter how hard or cruel your condition is, you will always find someone that you can lean on and asked for a help. At least you still had motivation for doing it.

Anyway, if you are still confused and had no idea about the theme that you are going to use for your upcoming party, you lean on us peeps! Trust me, all of my collection will helps you for sure and it’s free, like the one that included in these page. Go check these template ideas in below, folks!


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Cute Unicorn And Birthday Cake


As shown above, this template comes with stunning glittery-style background as well as another cute stuff like Colorful Rainbow, Bright Stars and cute drawing of Unicorn. Did you know who Jojo Siwa is, right? Yup! The famous T-rex Masked Singer on Fox TV as well as having a good ability to nail any dance move, and I’ve decided to pick her as the main “spotlight” of this enchanting invitation template. There six photos of her, like when she is holding her cute dog and posing cutely with the timeless “V” sign/gesture.

Enchanting The Template

These are our recommendation for you to make everyone smile even when they just had received your invitation,

  • “Twinkle Twinkle, it’s a sprinkle!”
  • “Oh, baby! There’s someone special on the way.”
  • “It’s a girl! Come celebrate our little girl with your sprinkle”
  • “Let’s celebrate this beautiful day. ______’s baby is on the way.”


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Birthday Party Hat and Colorful Balloons


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Ice Cream Party and Rainbow


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Dazzling Background and Space For Party Details


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Glittery Background and Text Frame


Jojo Siwa Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Portrait Design

How To Download

  1. Right Click your favorite design – Select “Save Image As”
  2. Click that “Save” button when the menu shown up
  3. For the type of paper that you can use is card-stock paper, choose which one is your favorite as each type of paper has different texture and material (Linen, or Kraft, Aster, and Cotton).

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