(FREE Printable) – Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

There’s nothing more important than celebrating birthday of your loved ones. These day, most kids want their special birthday as special as it should be. You should celebrate the major life event right by planning the perfect birthday or shower party for them. However, you want to throw an awesome celebration, you must have such thought about how to host a perfect party without breaking the bank, right? Relax, we’ve got your back folks!

What should I do to successfully throw such beautiful party with an inexpensive production? One of the obvious answer would be doing it by your own hand, Yup! That’s right, peeps – D-I-Y (Do It Yourself)! ?. We’ve a good recommendation for you, how about these one? A super-cute baby shower/birthday invitation that goes well without having to match it with certain gender, Boys or Girls? Who even cares?. By the way, you wanna see it? Okay-okay, let’s flip your monitor screen and see how it goes, Ha-ha!


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Pregnant Women and Cute Teddy Bear Doll


As shown above, all of these templates are specially made for you guys, especially for my loyal audience. Big shout out on them! Anyway, this template comes with a pretty unique and stunning design on both sides. Two-tone design (Cube + Stripes), pastel colors (Blue, Pink, Yellow, and many more), and bunch of other knick-knacks such as, big pile of colorful wrapped birthday gift boxes. In addition, we also made a cute drawing of Pregnant Women which looking on gorgeous “Text Frame” and can’t wait to see everyone and announce your “due-date”.


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Couple Hugging


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Pile of Colorful Wrapped Birthday Gift Boxes


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Gingham Pattern and Pastel Colors


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Text Frame and White Background


Free Printable Coed Baby Shower Invitation Templates With Beautiful Silhouette

Wording Tips



It’s The Perfect Reason

To Celebrate and Chill

Join Us For A Baby Shower



On Saturday, March 28th

6.00 PM

0342 Silverstone, CA

How to Download

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to download and which paper material is suitable for this occasion, follow this steps:

  1. Choose and Pick your desired template
  2. Click the download button
  3. Wait for a second because a new page will appear
  4. Now the download process must begin shortly
  5. If they don’t start yet, just click the “Click Here” word for alternative option
  6. Then tap your Enter key or click Save
  7. Printing Paper: Choose between Text, Cardstock or Glossy paper
  8. Standard Print-Sizes is 5x7inches

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