(FREE Printable) – Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

“It takes sunshine and rain to make an enchanting Rainbow”

Okay, whether you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday or maybe you want to announce “The last 2 months of pregnancy” aka Baby shower party, even if it’s your first time to deal with this occasions, you will always get some inspiration, like on the Internet and don’t let that daunting mind stopping you for doing what every parent should do.

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Unlike others, this template design will captivate everyone though, especially for the one and only; your little baby, he/she will be very happy to see this charming and enchanting party invitation template, not only that! This one could become your next party concept, peeps.

I don’t know what words that could describe how stunning this invitation is. The moment you bring and hand them to your guests, you will definitely see a good impression from them. This one is on my top 5 of my favorite design all of time. Colorful pattern (Zig-zag), Rainbow Brush Strokes, Fluffy Clouds and bunch of other astonishing stuffs, like cute Flower Petals and Love Heart symbols.


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates With Colorful Border and Portrait Design


Despite that, if you have noticed it, I’ve designed and left a pretty large space on pure white colors – so you can easily write down your party information and every guests in your list would be able to get the information as quickly as possible.


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates Brush Painting style Rainbow


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates Fluffy Clouds and Love Sign


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates White Background and Space For Party Details


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates


Rainbow Birthday Invitation Templates Flowers

For wording, you can get a little inspirations from Internet. Definitely a great idea to boost this Rainbow themed invitations. You could try adding some rhyme words. Here is an example of Wording ideas and feel free to use it in your template,

Rainbows and Ribbons

Unicorns and curls

That’s what little girls are made of

Join us to celebrate


6th Birthday!

On Saturday, May 29th

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

At Grace’s House

123 Williams Street

Winder, Georgia

RSVP To Mom (123) – 456789

Can’t wait to have them? Just click the download button (Underneath each templates) – a new page will be popped up, then the download process will begin shortly. Just in case the download won’t start immediately, move you mouse pointer onto “Click here” and left-click them up to save it into your computer.

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