Free Baby Shower Invitations

by Grace Vitara

So if you are now going to hold a baby shower? No matter baby shower for your girlfriend, sister or co-worker, you will be faced with a great job. The first thing you should think about is sending out invitations to all the guests. This is the most important part of the whole process because you want them to be impressed with the invitations that look.
If you have a limited budget, do not worry. You can create your own beautiful invitation without spending a lot of money, but you should be prepared to spend some time.
Free Template  Baby Shower Invitations
One easy way to do this is to create a card template using word processing software Microsoft Word. If not, the easiest way you can use the free Microsoft Word template card “or” free Microsoft Word template invitation “on the Internet. You can find a selection!
Next, find a good picture to be placed in front of the invitation card, you can use free clip art from Microsoft Word itself. Open the Insert menu and select Picture and then Clip Art. You also can find on the internet to offering thousands of images with good quality and free of charge for you.
Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations
Once you find an appropriate image, enter them in the template card. Pick a beautiful font in the word processor you use, such as “Brush Script” font. Then the invitation cards printed on card stock using a color printer. To get a good quality invitations, you can print them at relatively cheap printing.

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