Gold Frame Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

by Andrew

Each birthday is a milestone you will never forget, so celebrating it is pretty necessary. Hosting your own party might seems difficult, right? especially designing and creating your own invitation card, since you don’t have pretty good experience or even don’t have any in editing before. If that’s the case, these following ideas will be very helpful for you, since we’ve made a couple of invitation card templates, and we are glad that we can share in today’s article.



Rustic and Gold Frame are the main highlighter of today’s design. Why did I combine it like that? Since it’s for your upcoming birthday, I want to make it as a unique gift, yup, “Unique”. So, I decided to put the Rustic paper texture as the background design, with a slight details such as Grunge effect and splatter.

For the Gold frame, the reason behinds it was simple, by the way. None other than to “highlight” your party information, and to make it even better, I didn’t leave it as it is, instead of doing that, I decided to add “Floral” elements to it. Despite six types of Gold Text Frame that you will get, but you also get six different “decorations”, such as Watercolor Floral Wreath, Roses, Pastel Flowers, and so forth.








Download Information

  1. Click the download button that I placed above this instruction.
  2. Then, wait for a couple of seconds, once you landed in Google Drive page, click the “Red” download button.
  3. Locate the folder and click “Save” to start the process.

What to do

  • Unarchive the file with Winrar/7zip, then open the “Fonts” folder, install all fonts in that folder.
  • Since our template is editable with Microsoft Word, so you’re going to need that apps to open the file. At least the 2007 version or above.
  • Insert your information to the card and don’t forget to gradually save at any progress you make.
  • Printing paper (Card-stock, Cotton, Linen paper, etc.)
  • The template has 5×7 inch format, so make sure you check the printing options and fill the blank with that.

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