Baby Shower Punch Recipe

When you search for the perfect recipe for a food baby shower, remember that there are no written rules when you are planning food for a baby shower. Consider all dietary needs and restrictions of pregnant women, but after that you are only limited by your imagination and budget. This means, you can present a very traditional food with traditional recipes as well. Or you can look for some creative recipes to amaze your guests.

Pink Lemonade Baby Shower Punch RecipeA baby shower food recipes that can easily be changed or expanded to you is baby shower punch. Here are some recipes that you can try for your baby shower.

Lime Sherbet Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Punch RecipeThe Punch. Although everything begins with a basic, ginger, juice and napkins very easy to transform into a particular recipe to suit your needs. Color is one of the easiest things for you to change when it comes to punch. If the mother to be expecting a baby girl, do all in pink and use pink sherbet in the punch.
Blue Baby Shower Punch Recipe For Boys
Sherbert Strawberry Punch. It is very easy for you to create, prepare ½ pint of ice cream strawberries, 1 package frozen strawberries, fresh strawberries and a box (2 liters) of strawberry soda. Add soda, ice cream, frozen strawberries and blend together in a large punch bowl. Fresh strawberry slices and place around the edge of the bowl.

Beeey Punch Baby Shower Punch Recipe


Baby Boy Baby Shower Punch Recipe
Green Sherbert Punch. It would be very suitable for mothers to-be who are expecting a baby boy. Prepare 2liter ginger and 1 gallon lime sherbet. Enter mixture in sherbet and add ginger to taste in a large punch bowl. Yellow is also a lot of people choose to either pineapple or orange sherbet for both color and flavor.

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