How To Plan Gender Neutral Baby Shower ?

When you are planning a baby shower and did not know the sex of the baby, not necessarily a setback when it comes to planning a baby shower. You can have a more neutral party while people still have the development of ultrasound baby shower. Some parents choose to have a surprise party and this can make a lot of choice for a host. There are many party themes to choose from and some gender neutral and choice gift registry. Do not know the sex of the baby will help guests be more focused on mothers to-be and spoil before the baby comes.

Choose a theme for your baby shower. Although sometimes the theme is often not necessary, but it will make a smooth planning stage and to select invitations, decorations, favors and games in the same theme. Some of the themes that can no try is the “Rubber Duck”, “Noah’s Ark”, or “Pea in the Pod.” You can also go with a colorful theme neutral. Neutral colors like traditional green and yellow, but you can also incorporate some non-traditional colors as well as purple, orange or even red. Or uses blue and pink as both will be fit until the baby is born.

There are many options invitations that do not specify the sex of the baby. The theme will be extremely useful than a factor gender of the baby. The words on the invitation to be a little different from the usual invitation, because you do not yet know the sex of the baby. Instead of using the word “Baby Girl” you can try to say “Bundle of Joy” or “Baby Jones.”

Make a diaper cake. It’s very easy, basically only an arrange diaper cake and decorations in the form of ribbons, stuffed animals and baby needs. If the baby shower using yellow or green color theme. Ducks and frogs are also gender neutral. Diaper cake is very easy to assemble, and of course without having to mention the gender of the baby.

There are many options for neutral baby shower favors. You can give your guests votive candle with a baby baby shower date on the front. A cute idea, make delicious cookies stroller using yellow or green icing and tie them together with a ribbon party date or even the names of their parents.

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