Twin Baby Shower Themes Ideas : Pea In The Pod

by Grace Vitara

The “beans in pod” is a popular theme for baby shower, especially if a mother expecting twins or triplets. It will be a great theme for mothers who do not know the sex of their baby, because the green pods are perfect for both girls or boys. If a mother understood plan to decorate the nursery with Peter Rabbit or theme parks, then you can use it as a baby shower theme nursery.

Pea In The Pot Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Decorations and favors. You can buy pre-made beans in the pod decorations at party supply stores. However, if you want a more personalized decor, you can transform themselves to fit the theme. Start by using green decorations such as ribbons, balloons, plates and cutlery. You can make the balloon like peas and wrap them with green plastic and tied with a ribbon on both ends.

Pea In The Pot Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Pea In The Pot Baby Shower Cake Ideas For Twin

An idea that attract, create a “wax beans” to fill glass jars with a green jellybeans and use tea candles for light. Create your own centerpieces with green towel folded in half lengthwise and tie them to the ends of the ribbon so that it will form a bag that looks like a pea pod. Next, plug the small doll, a gift wrapped in a green towel “pod” and green potted plant to represent peas. Use real-peas as the center and arrange them in a bowl with ribbon. If the baby is a girl using pink ribbon, blue if a baby boy and a white or yellow if the sex of the bay is not yet known. For favors, you can use a small bag of bean seeds and fill with candy.

Pea In The Pot Baby Shower Cookies Ideas

Food. Use green food for the center of the menu. There are many dishes that you can use include peas. A vegetable salad with peas, water chestnuts and cauliflower. You also can present a chicken salad sandwich with grapes, celery and peas. For dessert, make green cookies with green frosting or make some green cake round. Use fondant frosting green to decorate your cake with a little cake pods.

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