Great Ideas For Boys Baby Shower Cakes

The cake is the center of attention at the baby shower party. Of course, you’ll need something to steal the show. Are you going to make your own or order in store bread making. Maybe you want to know a lot about the pastel blue. In addition, there is nothing sweeter or strange for a baby shower. Here are some ideas for baby shower cakes that will make the party a hit.

Infant Booties. Coined the form of a cake like a baby booties, you can bake homemade cakes and decorations and set up as a small baby shoes. Use baby blue and white icing to the cake baby boy. You can decorate the cake with white trim with white icing. If you are going to bake themselves, make a cake square or rectangular standard vanilla or chocolate cake. Place the white icing on the cake and cut the sides and bottom of the cake with blue icing. Buy blue baby shoes to put on the cake, or you can also make your own out of fondant.

Birth Certificate. Make your own cake for a baby shower and decorate to look like a birth certificate of a baby boy. Bake square or rectangular cake and use icing pen to write the words on the cake. You can also use the letters ready to write the word. Use blue or red to write and make the words stand out. Write the baby’s name and the name of the hospital or other words that might want to convey. Use white icing to the cake and decorate the main color the edges of the cake with blue.

Baby bottles. Bake the cake and decorate with blue baby bottle. You can give from a party store or craft store, you can also create your own bottle of Fondant icing. Frost with blue icing to write a message on the cake and add some baby bottles to decorate and finish the cake.

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