7+ Watercolor Greenery Floral Vines Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Brings the majesty of nature to life through splendid garden foliaige. There is many type of flowers that are well-known for its beauty. A stunning invitation template collection with awe-inspiring elements like Floral and Greenery can give your party a gorgeous and opulent twist. For you moms, we’ve put together a whole kit to assist you in planning a beautiful and elegant Garden-themed baby shower. Take a comfortable seat, make yourself a cup of coffee, turn on some music, and enjoy this following collection.



7+ Watercolor Greenery Floral Vines Birthday Invitation Templates





7+ Watercolor Greenery Floral Vines Birthday Invitation Templates



This collection will give you another insight of how foliage can be personalized to, other than just in your party decorations. To conceal minor flaws in the card, I personally use watercolor design to draw variety of foliage in here. I can swear that you can showcase your sense of art and impress your special guest without having to work too much.

For this Spring and Summer special collection, I have personally made this in eleven styles, coming in portrait and landscape orientation. My favorite one was in landscape orientation, and if you are interested to know what was my favorite template, you can see that through the preview image there, it has fully-written text as a sample for you.

Download Guide

  1. Firstly, choose your favorite design, then right-click that preview image.
  2. Select “Save image as” and Locate where you want it to be saved in your device.
  3. You can leave it as it is, and open it later when the download is finished.
  4. Open the file with third party apps such as, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Corel Draw and so forth.
  5. For beginner: it’s better for you to use Ms. Word, and it’s capable to do that flawlessly and there are many features to help you, like inserting text, changing the font styles and so on.

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