7+ Dried Foliage Gold Birthday Invitation Templates For Summer Events

by Andrew

Hello, moms and girls. Please accept my sincere apologies for the posting’s delay. I had planned to take four days off and go on a trip with my family earlier this month, but we ended up taking two more days. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for today’s post, which was inspired by my recent trip, and I hope you enjoy it.

These seven customized Floral and leaves invitation cards will add to the elegance of your gathering. This allows you to put your own personal touch to your project, which is an important aspect of making it stand out. As a result, it’s not long enough to make you yawn.



7+ Dried Foliage Gold Birthday Invitation Templates For Summer Events





The template has a unique design that sets it apart from others. This collection admired the beauty of “Hand drawn” paintings as well as the popular wavy art of today. Your text/party information will be prominently shown in the center, surrounded by lush greenery.

The wonderful rustic-inspired background will be embellished with an idea, a kind of layer with a delicate and vibrant color and enticing wavy pattern. This hue is appropriate for a variety of situations, including weddings. Purple is a beautiful and nostalgic hue when it comes to weddings. Its darker tint, on the other hand, represents youth, spirituality, serenity, and tranquility. It sounded fantastic, didn’t it?

Take a look at this instruction to download any templates in our site. Here they are,

  • Move your mouse pointer underneath each template
  • Click the download button – Locate where the template files are going to be placed in your device.
  • Tap “Enter” and now the download process will begin shortly.
  • Just in case, if the download process is not beginning yet – Click the “Click here”.
  • To customize this template, you are going to need Microsoft Word or Paint.

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