7+ Peach And Greenery First Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

This template has six alternative designs, each with its own distinct look and feel, as well as its own set of embellishments. There’s one thing you should know, but I’m not sure if you’ve already heard it. What’s more? there’s a brand-new notion in the Party Industry that’s perfect for this time. It’s a type of party that adheres to all health regulations.

Can’t wait to see it? Okay2x. Here they are, 


7+ Peach And Greenery First Birthday Invitation Templates


I chose flawless rustic paper-like texture for the main layer so that the other objects/decoration would pop out and everyone would be intrigued, even if they had just gotten your invitation. Do you know what the special thing for today is? Yeah! Yes, you will receive a stunning Gold Geometric Text-Frame.







Those frames will be very valuable to us; however, all of the details of our impending party will be highlighted more prominently. I’ve also made a couple of “Floral Paintings” and placed them on the corner of the frame to make it even nicer. Isn’t it a lovely collection of trinkets? Wait! There’s something else…

Each template also has unique gold leaves, to give a bit of luxury-vibe into it, and your guest can understand if your party is going to be lit as it was used a whole new genius idea; Drive by Party. For the last but not least, any template has already come in Printable and Editable Format (JPG) File. Easy-to-customize, and you could finish it in just a couple of minutes, folks.

How to Download

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to download and which paper material is suitable for this occasion, follow this steps:

  • Choose and Pick your desired template
  • Right click on top of the image and a new page will appear
  • Click save image as and choose where the template will be saved
  • Then tap your Enter key or click Save

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