Woodland Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Having a baby shower with a jungle theme for mothers to-be who love nature. Carry goods that can be found in your backyard or nearby woods are used as decoration, of course, is very low. However, there are some things that still need to buy, such as a stuffed animal or plant life and planning you can give as gifts to guests. Consider to host a baby shower is outdoors and has a jungle setting or in the pavilion, located in a park.

Green Woodland Themed Baby Shower Decoration

Not too hard to plan the decorations to the forest theme. Follow these steps and you can try to decor your baby shower.
First, fill wide-mouth clear glass vase weeks to every center table bottom third of the way using river stones. Push the tree branches at least two branches down in the middle of the stone. You can add more stones if necessary.

Neon Pink Woodland Themed Baby Shower Decoration
Then, cut a 6-inch thin ribbon. Forming loops of hot glue ribbon ends with the upper end of the pine cone. Pine cones hanging from the branches of a tree. Repeat up to 35 cypresses more, it depends on the number of centerpieces you want.
Woodland Themed Baby Shower Centerpieces
Place the 2-to-4-foot-tall fir tree pots around the room. You can add a real tree if you intend to give them to guests if desired. If not, you can use imitation tree.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower Dessert Table Decoration

Woodland Themed Baby Shower Favors Table DecorationSpread craft moss around the room with a branch. Add baby’s stuffed animals, such as bears, owls, deer or turtle around the pine tree. Categorize all together beside the table centerpieces and alternate with desserts and gifts.

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