“Welcome Baby” Baby Shower Banner Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Planning a baby shower can be very enjoyable. When the “little guy” will enter a new world and make everyone smile. One of the important things that you want to have for a baby shower decoration is some form of a banner that said the arrival of a baby. Many of the ideas that you can try and there will be no end. You can create a banner with a variety of ways, either by hand or using a computer and a printer. One banner popular baby shower is the banner “Welcome Baby”, I will give you ideas to create a banner that is easy and fun.
Welcome Baby Baby Shower Banner For Baby Girl
Make a banner using your computer at home. First you have to buy a package of card stock. If you know the sex of the baby, you can choose the color according to the suit or use multiple colors or plain chocolate mixture. Start opening the computer programs, you can use such as Microsoft Word. Choose decorative fonts that suit your needs. Use the letters by which you can, because you will only print one letter per page for your banner.
Monster Inc Welcome Baby Shower Banner
Banner will be cut on the inside of the circle after printing, so you need to test your printer before using either your card stock. Draw on a piece of paper by using a plate of food or other items that fit the paper you are, this is used as a reference. Then the image without going over the paper line. Print the letter and see if the circle was already fit and adjust the appropriate size. There are many ways you can do to write the words on the banner. One way is to make a hole in the top of the circle and thread through the hole. You can also use double-sided tape on the back of the circle and attach a string or yarn. You can also use a clothesline to hang circles and shapes banner. Finally, glue rickrack around the edge of the circle to dress up the banner.

How? simple doesn’t it? I consider you can also make impressive banners and your guests will say “Wooww” to you 😀

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Kat September 16, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Very cute! What font did you use for the pink and grey banner?

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