Vintage Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

by Andrew

Vintage flowers and themes have gained immense popularity over the past few years. You can tell that by how popular, Rustic & Floral themed events. Not only for certain type event like Weddings, but with the help of “Modern” design, this one also works great for Bridal, Birthday and Baby shower party to celebrate the mommy-to-be. Well, the good news is, now you can create your “beautiful” invitation card for free and take time less than an hour.

Rustic & Floral have been in my Top 5’s Best Invitation Card design, especially for 2020-2021. This article will show you the latest design that took my almost 4 hours of work. I created it with patient, and I hope you’re going to love it.



On its back, the background color was inspired from “Modern Rustic” design on Pinterest, and I added a white Vertical Stripe at the center of the card, those stripes will look better if you print this template on Card-stock paper with Canvas textured material, it’s kind of look like a Two Tone design.

Aside from that, I’ve wrote a few sample texts, it’s editable, and there is no-need a specific skills to be able to do that. Our template is editable with Microsoft Word, and nothing could be easier than that, right? Okay, on each sides of the card, you will get beautiful Rustic Flowers, beautifully hand-drawn and painted in Soft Color finished, such as Roses, Magnolia, and so forth.








How to Download

  • Click download button (Above), that button will direct you to our Google drive, where you can see and download the file with ease and safe from any virus.
  • Wait for a while until you landed on Google Drive download menu.
  • Click another “download” button and tap enter to start.
  • The download process will be automatically started.

Okay, before I’m off, I’m going to say a couple things. Please don’t forget to unpack the file and install all fonts (Inside the Fonts Folder), you need to do this before you open and insert text to the template with Ms. Word. Last but not least, print the template file on Cardstock paper.

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