Rustic Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

by Andrew

It’s defined that, Rustic in fashion industry is a sort of design that emphasis on its pure beauty. It embraces textures that comes from nature and its signature “soft color”. It offers fresh looks to your design, and these day, people also use it for their party concept, especially in the making of their invitation card, they tend to pick “rustic” background as it goes well with Canvas textured cardstock paper.

Here are a few examples of Rustic concept in invitation card design,


Rustic concept is shown on its background design, it comes in stunning, Vintage paper grain finished, along with a slightly Grunge effect. Those Grunge effects really makes it looks an authentic “paper” that came from 30’s-40’s. For the main element of this card, you also get beautiful set of flowers.

All of these flowers were decorated in wonderful, Watercolor finished and also have been painted in “nature-inspired” color, so it can’t distract the other elements.








Can I write my own text?

Absolutely. The reason why we made it in Docx file-format is, to make your job a lot easier, rather than using Photoshop, which only made for certain user (Advanced user), you only need Microsoft Word (2007 or above).

Download Tips

  • Click the provided button (Above), your browser will open or direct you to our Google drive storage, where the file was safely stored. It’s 100% safe from virus.
  • To download: Click Download > Locate the Destination Folder > Enter or Save. The download process will be automatically started.
  • Check the file, unpack it with WinRar and install all fonts inside the Fonts

Printing Tips

You can buy some supplies from the local market or stationery shop, it’s relatively easy to find them and relatively cheaper than buying custom-printed invitation card. If you still have no idea on what you have to search, then you can take a note on our “wish-list” guide below,

  • Find information about Printing Material/Paper
  • Our best recommendation would be a card-stock paper, because most people picks these paper for wedding and another related “business or party” occasions.
  • Such as Standard Text, Linen, Kraft, Aster, etc. (Pick the one that suit your needs/budget).

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