Throwing Baby Shower For Girls

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower has become a tradition since the first. When you will hold a baby shower party, you certainly intending guests to make a good time to remember something fun that will make your baby shower a different and special. Maybe you want to host that comes with a simple theme. Therefore, a lot of parents to-be who currently know if they would have a baby girl, you can choose a unique baby shower theme and memorable for mom to-be and the guest of honor.
Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitation Template For Girls
Queen of the Jungle. This is not a new theme, but more widely used for children’s baby shower. You do not need to be afraid to use a jungle theme for a baby girl. Lots of character that has the feel of a cartoon forest, including tigers and pink purple. You can also use pink for setting the table and using some stuffed jungle animals as centerpieces. Use stuffed animals such as leopards, tigers and pink balloons put on the desk or table food reward.

Pink Baby Shower decoration  For Girls
World Ranking. This theme will allow not seem like a girl baby shower. But it can be like the girls who are traveling to some romantic place like London and Paris. Yeah, this theme is very sophisticated and elegant. Use a large poster of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. Or you can choose favorite metropolis of mother to-be. Other options include Sydney, New York City or other cities who want to visit.

English Tea Party. This is a girly tea party. Decorate the party room with pink and white roses. Decorate the food table and gift table with beautiful linens. This theme is perfect for the pretty sundresses and finger sandwiches to serve at a party. Visit a local bakery to create individual themed baby shower cake baby thereon. If possible, you could give a white or pink frame as a party, this will make the guests have a place to put the first pictures of the baby girl.

Pink Baby Shower Cakes For Girls

Girly tea party. Decorate the room with pink and white roses and roses. Use beautiful linens and table settings. This theme is suitable for pretty sundresses and finger sandwiches easily serve. Having a local bakery made petit fours individuals with the theme of the baby on top. If possible, give the pink and white picture frame as a party, so guests will have a place to put the first pictures of the baby girl.

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omolade osilaja January 23, 2016 - 1:07 pm

I wanted that cake in the picture

omolade osilaja January 23, 2016 - 1:13 pm

I wanted that same cake in the picture because it would look perfect for my salon’s owner baby shower

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