Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

by Grace Vitara

Rubber duckies an adorable object for children, it will be able to add zest to your baby shower decorations. There are several additional ways to integrate these into baby shower decorations. By adding a little accent that displays duckies, you can make your theme clear and creates cohesion for your party decorations. Here are some ideas that you can try to decorate Rubber Duckies decoration.

View Of Table Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decoration

Ducky phone. Make hanging ornaments with displays duck duckies with preparing for your baby shower decorations. Use the dowel rod painted aesthetically to create X. Use a long needle and push the needle is transparent, such as fishing rods through rubber duck. Put duckies at various heights of X. Add wood as duckies that you create.

Simple Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decoration At home

Ducky Decorating Addition. Rubber ducks come in various colors and sizes, and of course relatively cheap. You can easily use these items almost all respects. Has a craft featuring duckies frame with wooden standard frame purchase, use hot glue to attach the little duck around. The addition is very easy to add.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Table Decoration

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcake Decoration

Decorated hand Duckies. You can adjust your ducks by hand decorations on some of your duckies. Use craft paint to add spots, stripes or flowers for a duck. Bring the other colors of the room to tie duckies throughout the party room. Another idea is to add a costume painting them with added features an adorable baby face. This idea would make a conversation when you are stalking them.

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