Pink And Brown Baby Shower Ideas

Host a pink and brown baby shower so much fun because it is so beautiful. Whatever you want to do can be very easy. Here are some ideas for invitations, decorations and delicious food pink and brown baby shower.

Pink And Brown Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Invitation. There are many invitations pink and brown that you can find in the market, probably because this is the most popular color duo. However, if you want to make the invitations yourself, you can buy a pink card stock and decorate it. In some local used bookstore or online have a variety of jewel-like flower ornaments, flowers, stickers former, tulle, pearls and much more. You can buy a pack of cheap little gem.

Pink And Brown Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Decorations. Use pink and brown baby shower to make things easy for decoration, yeah of course, because you already have a color in identification. Use what you already have on hand and add some decoration to find the most effective. You can buy some cheap goods to support the color scheme. This includes a clear vase taken and tie a piece of brown tulle around it. You can also use coffee beans in a clear vase and a pink silk flowers in it.

Pink And Brown Baby Shower Cake For Girls

Food. There are many choices of food that you can serve either pink or brown on dessert. You can use several types of food such as cupcake or a strawberry cheesecake or combine two desserts. This includes, Chocolate cake with strawberry frosting, strawberry cake with chocolate chip or strawberry with chocolate sauce. For drinks, use pink pop power clear by adding frozen fresh strawberries on ice cubes.

Favors. The last section to the pink and brown baby shower is to involve your guests to take home favors. Make sure that they are not only uses pink and brown. A pink or brown wax-covered tulle with alternating colors, cookie with pink icing is placed in a plastic bag and tied with brown ribbon.

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