The Best Time To Have Your Baby Shower

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Baby shower will also be very pleasant with a nice gift. A great thing about the baby shower is that it is relatively easy for a party planned.
When the first parents holding the baby shower before the birth of the baby sensible, because maybe you will no longer have the baby gear. It is also something that you will need immediately before the baby is born. However, baby shower will also hold a great time for friends and family after the baby arrives, it also makes sense. Here are some suggestions that may help you when making decisions about the timing.

Have Your Baby Shower After Born

One of the benefits when hosting a baby shower after the birth of a baby is that you know about the gender, name and birth. Knowing the details of the baby will make it easier to buy gifts, especially if you have a list of gifts. In addition, having a baby shower after the birth will also be very work well when the baby is their second or third child, because your guests will be able to decide attention needs to buy their daily essentials such as clothing and diapers.

However, hosting a baby shower before the baby is born also will make you as a guest of honor rather than a new child. All eyes will focus on you and you will also be spoiled. Moreover, after seeing your prize, you still have one or two months to buy other equipment that is still necessary. Many pregnant women who know the sex of their child before birth and have chosen the nursery and the theme so guests can give a gift that is specific. Planning a party before birth also will give you something to look forward to when you might wish that your pregnancy becomes more.

Have Your Baby Shower Before Born
Decide when the baby shower will be held should see from some of the cases. If you decide to hold before the baby arrives, then this is a good idea to schedule in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. However, if you hold after giving birth, you should wait at least four to six weeks after childbirth.

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