Nautical Themed Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

by Grace Vitara

A nautical theme would be very good for the baby shower party summer. This theme is a call for sailboats, beach, blue water and the lighthouse. Bring theme throughout your party decorations, including the table decorations and centerpieces. Set the mood of your guests to go along on a cruise without having to leave the party. There are many ideas for decorating nautical baby shower party, the following tips for you.

DIY Nautical Themed Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas

Try taking a high storm glass or glass vase and fill with various types of shellfish. Paste one type of shellfish for a more monochromatic, or fill the premises of all kinds of shellfish. Place a small candle light around the scallops to reflect light and create a warm atmosphere. Container filling about 1/3 full with sand before adding the shells to create a touch of the beach.

Nautical Baby Shower Dessert Table DecorationYou can check out the vintage shops, thrift stores or your friend’s house to figure sailboat. Or you can also collect the small ones and put them over the kitchen. Use tablecloths blue to represent water. Use candles to surround the when or large scallops to add interest.

Nautical Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Use the fishing nets to be used as runer table. Attach the nets down the long table and attaching coral, starfish and sea creatures such as lobsters and buoys plastic miniatures. Put also netting in the middle of the table and put a metal bucket in the net. Fill a bucket with some items like shovels, sand and a few shells.

Vintage Nautical Themed Baby Shower Table Decoration For Boys
A miniature lanterns will add a touch of elegance to the marine and the same time. Group some lanterns in a piece of glass. Use starfish or shells, where high candle or slender vases full of flowers to surround the lantern in the middle setting. A light in tea lights or LED lights to create a marine-themed decor is simple.

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