Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

by Grace Vitara

Minnie Mouse baby shower is a great choice for shower theme for expectant mothers who know that a girl will come. This theme offers several kinds of colors for decoration. You can also hunt to find something about the classic Minnie to make a party fun and fascinating guests

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations For Girls

Minnie Mouse has been made by several different ways for decades. A red dress with white spots bow or using a pink version for this outfit. Yellow dress with white spots and accessories pink and blue dress with pink. It all depends on the supply of Disney party or several different toys and have appeal to you. You can choose the color scheme of pink or white and black, white and black or other colors that are suitable for decoration. If you do not want to use the Disney party pack, introducing Minnie Mouse would be a luxury for the table centerpieces toy. Several foil balloons tied in a seat of honor.

Simple Decoration Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
If with many choices Minnie Mouse will make you difficult to choose a color scheme, this would be a good idea to create a diaper cake or edible tiered cake for a baby shower. You can also check out some internet sites to get stuffed Minnie and some sculptures that will highlight the color and interest to the party color scheme. Some small statue can be used for cake toppers. While the larger sculptures can be placed in several parts in the party room.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Centerpieces Decorations

Minnie Mouse has always shown a lot of spots, show this at your baby shower decorations. Red and white polka-dot tablecloths, pink and white or yellow and white and all the napkins will look smart with black accents. In fact, you can have white tablecloths with pink spots and a pink napkin with white spots to mix everything for decoration. A Disney-themed baby shower is all about having fun.

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