How To Throw Camouflage Themed Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower for parents who like to hunt or be in the military, camouflage baby shower is an appropriate theme for your target. Camouflage can be entered at a baby shower, ranging from handmade invitations camouflage, camouflage printed linen for centerpieces and decorations echo the distinctive prints such as one or more of the accent colors.
Camouflage Themed Baby Shower Invitation Templates
Invitation. You can buy or make your own invitations camouflage. Many party supply stores that sell stationary with camouflage print on it. Are you going to write your own by hand or using a printer and use a word processing program to write an invitation. If you make the invitations yourself, you will need three different colors for cardstok. You can use the traditional green and brown camouflage or choose blue and brown or pink and brown. Choose one color to your base.

Camouflage Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Decorations. Using decorations of balloons and streamers were modified to fit the theme of camouflage. You can find in party stores often sell latex balloons rapidly camouflage prints. But, if you did not find this, you can use a balloon in accordance with the color scheme. Use green and brown for the tape or in the case of certain combinations of sex, use a blue or pink on green place. Rotate the two colors together before you hang the ribbon.
Camouflage Themed Baby Shower Cake


Camouflage Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes
Cake. If you do not have previous experience of cake decorating, cake themed cake is made possible. Use a pastry bag, pipe frosting into a simple sheet cake with a camouflage pattern. Or, frost the cake in equal solid and make the camouflage pattern of fondant. After you set up a few pieces of fondant in different colors, roll them together by using a rolling pin. Another idea is to spin with three frosting colors together to create a camouflage pattern.

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