Green Baby Shower : The Cool Theme For Your Shower

by Grace Vitara

Baby shower is one of the important things in the course of 9 months pregnant woman. If you are planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, you can create a really special with cool new theme idea, namely green baby shower.

Green and Purple Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Forget blue for boys and pink for a girl baby shower. What if the green mark this special occasion? Yeah, you can plan an environmentally friendly green and surprising all the guests with a unique theme and thoughtful. Here are tips to help you start planning the party as a whole.

Green Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Sends Out Invitations. Electronic invitation designs and let your creativity flow. You also can send an email to all the guests and state the time, place and of course your baby shower theme. At your invitation, states that guests must bring green gifts or they could take anything and wrap it in wrapping paper recycling.

Green Baby Item Baby Shower Cupcakes
Decoration for ‘Green’ Shower. You can decorate with ribbons or using balloons to decorate. Use potted plants to liven up your room. You can also use a horticultural designer to provide a special appearance. Do not use disposable cups or plates. Attacking your kitchen or ask the caterer to provide a ceramic dish for the baby shower. It will also be the right time to bring the wedding china to serve the food people inside.

Green Baby Shower Favors

Turtle Green Baby Shower Cake Decoration Collect the right baby gift at the end of the party and as wrapping up move, potted plants with the baby to be born baby’s name or planting trees. I hope these ideas can help you to throw a baby shower green.

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